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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tail for success?

How I hoped that I could have written: With only mild symptoms of feeble tremor and a gentle finger wobble left (which appear to be speedily fading in their intensity as the nerves continue to sort themselves out) it looks as if BocowoA has done the job. The nightmare ill that crept up over forty plus years looks and feels as if it has vanished completely. But alas, such a conclusion is painfully eluding me right now, and is literally a pain in the butt.

Yet all is not lost, and a lot of thought has been spent trying to understand the full depth of Parkinson’s Disease, as I accepted to return in taking the prescribed medication in Levadopa once more.

Having felt to have been nearly there, this set back seems acceptable, upon reasoning all the other injuries that have been revisited as the nerve ways have been reactivated and or opened up.

The level in pain around the Sacrum and Coccyx area is very intense and penetrating at the line of each fusing, with perhaps the apparent heavy drain upon the natural Dopamine levels being partially due to the proximity of the central nerve.

In fact, I am rather glad it has happened in a way; As through all the pain and bodily responses, I am beginning to think that this particular area in the body, may well be the one common link to kick starting Parkinson’s Disease.

After all; How many babies totter and bump their bums when taking their first steps, to jar the Coccyx on a stone or unforgiving surface causing damage to the central and surrounding nerves, just at the time when bones are hardening and fuse lines are firming up the pelvis frame for the standing posture. Then to top it all, it is so much fun, to go Bump Bump down the stairs.

And the apparent rise in these types of disorders, is perhaps just a reflection of modern day living.

Further and in way of an interesting observation; I have seen dogs with cropped tails suffering from trembles and leg shudders as they get older and a Breton Spaniel with Epilepsy, that shook uncontrollably in fits, if it had not had its medication.

I guess dogs need the weight of a wagging tail to help keep their pelvis, central nerve and brain in tip top shape.

Which may add further weight to my belief that the Sacrum and Coccyx area is most relevant for many situations in PD.


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