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Streams of light dance in every direction, refracting and reflecting, to illuminate a colourful living planet.

Providing moments to be captured and recorded through the art of photography.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Exiting Brexit & Quantitative Easing

While I still hope Brexit is shelved, I also hope that the EU reforms, and hopefully adopts a better overall monetary and fiscal policy, moving away from the austerity based Debt Relief Loan schemes to more Direct Investment funding, that immediately generate new jobs in the areas of high unemployment; Which will in turn, address the current imbalances across Europe, strengthening the Euro and EU bloc as a whole.

I think it is right that the UK within the EU retains its Sterling (GBP) and the Bank of England's role. Just as I think it is right (and more economically viable) for the role of the European Central Banks to allow, and facilitate fluctuations tailored to and within each EU member State (by their individual Governments) and even regionally across the current Euro-zone itself.

Whereby, Regional measures in Harmonious Quantitative Easing may stimulate growth in specific Regions, revitalizing their economies from within, as each Regional GDP improves (via falls in unemployment and increasing tax surpluses to honour EU contributions and any debt repayment).

In my thinking austerity is dead. While stimulating growth in Regional and Local Economies from within themselves is vital, as it bolsters Community spirit and self sufficiency in a positive way; Where peoples and individuals can again flourish, without being reliant upon handouts, unaffordable loans, the need to migrate, or God forbid, turning to crime in order to physically survive.

Harmonious Quantitative Easing, The introduction or injection of Cash and Investment bonds into a Regional / State Economy within certain Agreed Limits, to avoid any major adverse effect upon other International Trade Agreements, Exchange Mechanisms and the overall Global Market.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Red Bus or Bust ?

The gambling irony of Brexit

The UK taxpayers will likely fund the whole of the costs incurred by the EU 27 Member States handling the divorce processes while at the same time, funding the reconstruction within Whitehall, the costs in renegotiating and establishing any new trade agreements, along with the financing of all the changes and procedures in regard to border control & security, the necessary adjustments addressing the likely deficits pertaining to economic stability born through current EU subsidies, and any additional protection charges upon the Maintenance costs of established EU Pension rights and obligation.

From a business perspective, all this appears to be additional overheads in burden, over and above the austerity measures that are currently in place towards balancing the books.

An additional burden in deficit the next generations will have to bear as the UK endeavors to prevent any further slide toward economic stagnation and crisis (that may arise through the global marketplace beyond UK control) before any potential advantages that may or may not exist kick in.

What ever happens that Red campaign Brexit bus may take a while to arrive.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Good Will or Raspberries ?

Regardless of any thoughts upon being able to afford a product. In any trading process, at the point of sale, there is always an open willingness, a Good Will to buy; and more importantly; Today's customers tend to purchase with an informed minds-eye that tunes into the product's origin, carbon footprint and content.

Bearing that in mind, from a 'final customer' viewpoint, it appears that both the UK's Brexit, and the USA's withdrawal from the Paris Accord, foolishly undermine their potential Exports and future standing in the Global marketplace.

After all, would you buy from a shop where the staff blew raspberries in your face?