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Sunday, June 2, 2013

BocowoA Breakthrough

While I write before the arrival of a more complete remission: As more nerve cells reconnect with apparent ‘corrected synapse,' and the shackles that bound and imprisoned me for so many years finally fall away. I am starting to realise the enormity and full potential that may be found in BocowoA.

I am mindful too; that as with any new discovery, there is a responsibility that comes with it.

I fully realise that every ill under the umbrella of Parkinson’s Disease, will no doubt have differing roots (relevant to the individual’s genetics and biochemistry) and treatments utilising BocowoA, may well require particular medicinal modifications and additions to suit each individual patient.

Given the journey I am experiencing, it also has to be said, that the assessment of each individual’s fitness and case history will play a vital role; Simply because, once the healing process has kicked off, the body takes over with its own autopilot.

There is no way to stop or stall the process, or indeed predict the overall outcome, as apparent Natural Dopamine, springs into increased production and action throughout the whole body.

Once the switch has been thrown into ‘On.’ All you can do, is to try and regulate measures in comfort; balancing the fluctuating shortfalls in Dopamine, by adapting the levels of Levodopa on a daily basis. It is certainly a rocky hard road, when nerve clusters suddenly awaken in large areas of muscle, and the ongoing demand gobbles up the current production and all the balance in reserves. As too; when reserves outweigh the daily demand and you have to cope with the aspects of overdose.

During the process, as more of the nerve ways opened, it came to a point where the prescribed medicines I was on, seemed to be making matters worse; While more healing speedily followed as the dosage was gently reduced (all be it perhaps restricted and hampered by the slow release aspect of the tablets). But before the drug companies start to panic, the two go hand in hand; and I can see new drugs being developed (for the regions around the world where BocowaoA cannot be provided as a fresh medicinal food).

Added to which, there is still no way of knowing whether BocowoA is the answer and the Cure. What works for one may not work for others, and I still have some way to go before all the receding symptoms finally go. Indeed, I may require additional or new medicines, to cement any permanence towards Complete remission.

In regard to other ongoing Research programs, and the strides being made towards eventually treating Parkinson’s with Stem Cells, for those who will require it. Perhaps BocowoA, and or its potential variants, may provide the means to ensure ‘corrected synapse’; So that these forms of intervention will be wholly productive, and accordingly cost effective viable treatments.

As I am not personally a neurologist or a scientist, I am unable to provide more in-depth knowledge regarding my discovery at the present time. However, all I can say is, that I believe BocowoA should become another weapon in the arsenal. For the fight to beat Parkinson’s will always be a Team effort.

Upon which note; I am eternally grateful for the assistance I receive from, my GP, the Neurologists, most importantly my Masseur Kinésithérapeute, and finally my family and friends supporting me along the way.

Thank you.


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