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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sit Ups and BocowoA

At the last session of French Physiotherapy with my Masseur Kinésithérapeute, the changes were plain to see. I could feel the complete changes in muscle tone in my abdomen, legs and arms. The ‘spark ups’ have given new life to the muscle fibres

When describing Parkinson’s to family, I would say; It was like growing old fast when you are far too young. Everything is as though one half of ‘being alive’ has been swept out from under your skin. Now I am pleased to be saying that that lost youthfulness (all be it very painful at times) is returning in leaps and bounds.

Walking the last few days has at times been very awkward to say the least, but the cowboy legs and hip sway have gone, while I am getting used to where the feet will be as I tread, adapting with the constantly adjusting gait, generally improving posture, and the occasional numb buttock (Sciatica due to a spine injury in my teens) and a fair wind.

Taking care of the spine plays an important part in daily thoughts, and when the back muscles are not in balance, I readily straighten and stretch my spine with some floor exercises, https://sites.google.com/site/beauxreflets/keep-fit

I am becoming more convinced by the observation I recorded in the Coprinus fungi family, that a tiny tweak to the biochemistry changes everything. As a down rolling spitting mushroom evolves into a more dry umbrella ink cap that opens in the opposite direction; A tweak to the amino acids in the nerve cells will alter both capability and function.

Eating BocowoA just on the occasions when I need the boost (having already faded out the synthetic Levadopa completely) appears to be working exceedingly well, provided there is sufficient water on board. Through all the changes (from the initial revitalising gut sensation onwards) to each arrival at a new stage or plateau, it is clear that Natural Dopamine is being produced and retained. Added to which, I now appear to have a measure in control that allows me some choice to govern the speed in this apparent rapid recovery.

The bug bear of managing the medication times (while predicting what the day would bring in regard to achieving an acceptable balance) seems joyfully so far away, while each new day brings progress and the sense of recovering even more of my youth, as the spark up and waves ripple along old nerve ways, opening up the muscles with more vitality.

In the space of one month, the combination of BocowoA with the well-suited form in Physiotherapy, have provided the apparent gain of twenty plus years.

Well, how many folk even without Parkinson’s, can lay flat on their back, with their arms held straight (hands hovering over the thighs) and gently raise their head and torso upward into a sitting position? The last time I recall being this fit was in the 1980’s, when I knocked five out of six balls into the back of a five a side football net defended by Pat Jennings (International goal keeper for Ireland).

There are of course days in apparent contradiction to the claim of ‘active fitness,’ times when it outwardly appears things are just as bad or worse. This is when the brain is sapping all the energy necessary to reassign and reconstruct itself to the changes occurring in the body. The mind is willing but the body is weak, just as it feels like when recovering from a heavy bout of Flu. And I think it fair to say, that recovering from years of being ‘in decline’ will require some moments in meditative rest, as well as the usual nights sleep.

Knowing my personal history like the back of my hands, I have observed the reversal process so far, both physically and mentally; As the going truly reflects the way of manifestation, although not necessarily in the same chronological order, as the body heals to the building blocks of biological order, and one apparent major difference; in that the gain does not breathe the same sense in panic brought on by the shock factor of the earlier losses, when nerve ways effectively close parts of the body down, or indeed the aspect of hallucination (that occurs when areas of the brain normally associated to the role for the subconscious dreaming are commandeered to maintain different roles in conscious day time).

In all of this I know sufficient to say that, I still have a little further to travel before the full clean bill of health box can be ticked, but the level of partial control over the whole healing process is a huge personal assistance, provided those around you have a similar trust and faith, that the ill can and will be overcome with time.

As I write I am very conscious of the fact that I may not have found the total Cure; but a way that seems to suit, in arresting my current situation. I am equally aware that there are some people who are way beyond "the early onset stages" and more badly effected and in need of their current medical regimes; hence my reluctance to provide full details of the ingredients in BocowoA via this blog.

All I can do is openly invite a fresh approach to tackling the disease through sharing these thoughts, in the hope that something just as positive can arrive for others living in the hell of akin neurological disorders.


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