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Providing moments to be captured and recorded through the art of photography.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Benefit of Concept Photography

The term Concept Photography best describes the creation of 'artistic' images created through the photographic process, where the photographer combines or introduces new pictorial elements into a photograph to form a cohesive or believable composition.

Unlike Digital Art where the imagery is painted in from scratch pixel by pixel or Collage, in Concept Photography the final photographic image takes into account all the aspects of the light within the main photograph, in such a manner as to convince the audience that the image may naturally exist as a single record of the scene.

Concept Photography is not a new form concurrent with the age of digital photography. It has been in existence ever since post processing and darkroom skills have been utilised to manipulate photographs to convince or fool the audience, on the preconception that the camera never lies. Many examples exist, like Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths photographs of the Cottingley Fairies (which I hasten to add are not that convincing when you consider how light casts the shadow), the secretly edited images utilised for propaganda purpose by various governments and media organisations over the years, to the vast array of manipulated imagery used in advertising and or present on the Internet.

In many ways Concept Photography perhaps truly defines a photographer's worth by way of its challenge. For to succeed in this Art, the photographer proves that they fully understand all the complexities that light provides within the physical sphere in relation to the intensities of, radiation, temperature, hue, absorption, fraction and reflection; as well as the complexities born through the lens, aperture and sensor in relation to the intensities of, exposure, distortion and refraction provided by and within the equipment they are using.

Converting or manipulating photographs to change the visual aspects of an image at this level can provide a lot of fun and satisfaction. Simple exercises in Concept Photography will improve your general editing skills, and assist in the disciplines of mastering the finer elements of post processing; underlining the importance and need in adjusting the adjacent areas in an image after localised hard editing.

For example: Just as removing a lamp post from a scene requires its shadow to be removed; Boosting the Saturation or intensity in the colour of a specific item (improving the compositional aspect to draw and hold the viewer's attention), may well require additional tonal changes to be made in the surrounding areas relevant to the situation within the image as a whole. After all, it is the attention to the finer details that adds that sense of impact and extra quality to a shot, defining its worth, and elevating it above the vast sea of point and shoot snap shots.

Shy Satsuma

Of course any measure in success or merit able worth, is subjective to the personal preferences of the audience's perception and expectation, and indeed, as with many aspects in life subject to the fashions and opinions imposed by society.

Byway of a footnote upon the preconception that the camera never lies, there is of course the one possible exception; in the photographs taken with Polaroid like cameras, where the sensory capture and subsequent development of the photograph, are effectively accomplished within the sealed envelope of film held at the correct temperature.

I think I will stay with digital photography

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012


Stop the bullying and

No one, least of all children, deserve a life of living Hell!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Besilvered (a poem of hope)

'Besilvered (a poem of hope)' a process in human emotion allowing the truth in situations to be established through fully understanding human responses even after the passage of time.

Underlining the challenge in modern day science to record such aspects in 'Stomach churn' and the analysis of chemical constituents within tears (in a manner sufficient to be upheld in a Court of Law). After all, if horses can smell fear in a person's sweat, there are no doubt differences in tears of fear and tears of joy. So determining, incidents of mental cruelty and mental bruising, before such situations develop into incidents in physical abuse and violent crime. And perhaps a useful way forward when an abused minor has heard the words "It will be your word against mine..."

I'm thinking on the lines of a litmus type test for Adrenocorticotropic type hormone traces found in tears of stress; perhaps more specific in relation to fear than stressful surroundings.

A pre-treated tissue to dry the eyes as a child recalls what happened while situated in a non stressful environment, (and or post analysis of fabric) may provide a very strong indication to the truth

Monday, September 10, 2012


Spindle tree berries - Not suitable for human consumption - Toxic berries are not fruits and they should not be eaten.

Heart Warming

How could I resist! ;)

On a warm overcast day
Air miles in full glory
The Admiral's absorbing
A heart warming story

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bending Light

Taking this aspect in reality into account; An arrangement in variable heating introduced into camera equipment will bend the light counteracting and compensating for all lens distortion. 8) :idea: I wonder which company will bring the first ones into the marketplace.

And thinking about laser treatments, minicams  and robotics, what advances can be made in Surgery by bending light?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Star

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bespoke Artwork Service

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's in a name

Quick off the mark - Go Giggle

Successful branding is an Art in its own right, requiring originality and creativity that captures the eye of the audience while communicating a global story defining what a product or organisation delivers.

Knowing the market you are targeting and foresight of where the populace’s spirit or mood is heading helps to determine the life of any graphic design or product, as successful branding for the long term, has to reach out into the abyss of the future beyond the realms of the shorter cycles of revolving fashion.

Having previously been a victim of intellectual property theft, for many years a Cadbury's Fuse chocolate bar wrapper was pinned to my office board as a reminder of the importance in Copyright; In the eighties I had penned both name and by-line "a fusion of.....", along with the outline of font and description to colour. (Only to be told by someone involved in the market development and research project, I took part in, that they were going to openly steal my work, falsely claiming the origination based upon the knowledge that I had no means in the time span available to register the proof of the copy).

The faithful rendering of the original wrapper concept with light dancing around the lettering, echoed the good time feelings of the then emerging disco age, and by the time the sweet bar hit the streets in the nineties, the subconscious association within the imagery helped to sell 40 million bars in the first week.

Looking back, while a snip of honesty may have changed the immediate route in my subsequent career with rightful payment and kudos bringing in more similar work; I am very proud and pleased the bar was such a success. And of course now, with the advent of the Internet and computers, thankfully artwork and intellectual property is automatically electronically dated, affording independent verification to its origin and conception, while I continue coming up with new product and brand ideas.

With ever increasing competitive marketplaces, branding for "the mood of the day" heralds the need for almost daily changes to media products, and certainly logos and names that can stand the test of time. In fact, some products like luxury or confectionary goods, may require some "up dating artwork", dependant upon the life span the originator/artist designed within the original branding conception, so as to maintain or revitalise the product's place in the market.

Just as, the branding life cycle for Go Giggle will ultimately depend upon the product type it eventually ends up being. And it goes without saying, that there is the usual ability for the inherent artwork updates to ensure that the product remains constantly at the cutting edge.

For further information on Go Giggle or other branding requirements please visit http://sites.google.com/site/beauxreflets/contact or email andy.beauxreflets@aliceadsl.fr