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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Confusion and Control

I can only write from experience; Having gained so much of my collapsed nervous system back using BocowoA, and with what looks to me like the possibility of real hope on the horizon, I can honestly say, I can appreciate the dilemma of both Carers and Doctors who attend those with neurological disorders like Parkinson’s Disease.

For the Carers, one of the hardest things to deal with, is the periodic mental fallout or displacement a person with Parkinson’s is physically having to cope with; as their brain decides what parts of the remaining nervous system are vital, while also coping with any unwanted effects from any medication they may be taking. There is little that can be done beyond being there caring for the patient; understanding that it is simply a natural thing for the nervous system to re wire itself and these situations in mental disorientation to occur.

For the Doctors, the fact that they have to choose whether to treat the mental disorientation, or the physical Motor aspects that come with Parkinson’s as the main priority, is one hell of a challenge. Especially as some of the drugs for mental disorientation and anxiety, will likely add to the patient's mobility problems and visa versa.

Sadly (but understandable) the separation between body ailments and mental welfare through departmental separation can often cause more distress, especially when the tell tale signs of Parkinson’s are insufficient for diagnosis. That said, a good doctor should be able to realise what is amiss if they observe the effects of medications while listening to what their patient is saying about their own physical situation within.

Worst of all, for all parties concerned, what is going on inside a patient’s body is not necessarily visible as an external point in difference, leading to misinterpretations in understanding and even more stress for all. After all, there is nothing worse than the aspect in being pigeon holed by a misguided or uninformed mind by way of an incorrect stereotyping.

Yes, there may be times of hallucination for those suffering with Parkinson’s Disease, where the unconscious dream world is embroiled within the conscious state of daytime. Even panic attacks when family, friends or associates become the fictitious foe, but the unnameable aspects in dream always remain anonymous within the muddle of the known, and surmising variables bears no fruit for anyone.

The fact of the matter is simply understandable and thankfully not an aspect to contend with when the nervous system is being increasingly restored. When things are too hot you drop them, and when you can no longer hold such hot items for a similar length in time something has changed.

The immediate, almost instant effects from BocowoA, in switching the Peripheral nervous system back to On was breath taking and very lifting as the wave of a renewed intensified sense of touch took over. Although it must be said, that with so much of the nervous system under the stress and strain of Parkinson’s Disease, and the rush of the day, it is very hard for an observer to notice the immediate physical changes. For while the weakened one sided aspect levelled up within the first forty-eight hours, there is little way to prove that you are not simply applying more pressure in the greeting handshake, or indeed that a cup was simply more hotter than usual.

Yet, BocowoA has transformed everything for me, to the point of (while being a smoker of tobacco) being able to now taste the moisture flavours in the air, and when my back was turned to stretch the spine, increasing numbers of nerve ways came alive!

More importantly to my mind, it is its ability, to switch On the redundant nerve cells that really provides some solid hope and a truer ability in control. Which makes me ask; If BocowoA can awaken numb areas in my arm, can it do the same for others who have lost feeling and control in their limbs?


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