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Sunday, June 16, 2013

BocowoA's Bite

With pain at the base of the spine and spanning the inner wall of the pelvis, I am taken right back to an accident in my childhood, when a large section of prefabricated wall came crashing down on me. I had been assisting in holding large two and a half metre tall, board and concrete panels (used for 1960 prefab homes) in a vertical position ready for cleat bolting to the beams, when one had tipped beyond the holding point in balance. Knowing my speed could not match the toppling wall, my sixth sense put me into a ball, with my head planted to my knees, and my tail end up to face the oncoming whack!

The apparent end result at that time, was no broken bones and after a ‘chill spray’ to the area of inflammation, I was bed ridden for a week or two on painkillers, until I felt well enough to be up and about. While a more recent scan highlighted, that a vertebra in this region has a smaller channel where the central nerve passes through, which no doubt acts to restrict or bottle neck the synapse in a traffic jamb like scenario. The damage from the bash may well have contributed to hinder normal growth within the vertebra through the physical force of the blow. By separating or distorting the molecules sufficiently, and or a concentrated influx of protection fluid, for the growth hormones to no longer be able to make the right bonds.

Observing the return to a similar pattern and freshness in the pain, within the specific pelvis area in question after all this time (when I have not had a further whack or aggravation to the area, and I have been taking things relatively easy) is rather interesting.

If it was due to the exercises I have been doing, or indeed any muscular straining; then it would have reoccurred often over the years. Indeed, I can recall (a more recent) similar intensity in pain that ran through the Sciatic nerves, between the spine and entry points to the pelvis area (which led to a MRI scan of the lower spine to assess the condition of discs and highlighted the pinching of nerves) but the area in concern now, is much lower and within the pelvis, with a more lateral rather than radial feel to it.

As with other recent pain, it was preceded by the refreshing ‘spark ups’ and fluid trickling sensations in that area, leading me to believe that, a previous shut down of nerve fibres may have caused areas to be held in a state of ‘numbed animated suspension.’

While it seems strange to be describing these events in such way, it is exactly how they appear to occur, in making me ask. Can muscles have a biologically built in memory, that can in turn be switched back on in such a manner?

The only way I can fathom such an aspect as being a possibility in reality, is if the cells in the nervous system have a quadology or doubled duality, that work in a cyclic motion. Where two signal types, the Go and Return, plus two or more Controllers (governing and recording intensities of the signals, hard and soft, hot and cold and all the degrees between) exist in every cell.

This then gives way to the possibility that a single distortion in biochemistry, can cause an array of situations that eventually build into an undesired progression in disorder.

In such a scenario, I can also envisage that, when a nerve way eventually shuts down, the natural biological inclination for survival, will most likely engage the body in swapping or diverting the signal's synapse routes, so the essentials of heart, lungs and brain still function to the best available potential. While the effects of, motor freeze ups and tremors, may be caused by this aspect in re-routing now being along a shared nerve way, with the most dominant synapse being that on display. And in the brain, the temporary effect of re-routing, is the most likely cause of things like hallucination and natural anxieties brought on by the neurological losses, with that stress creating further stress.

Like wise, in the case of the areas of nerve tissue, that effectively closed down (almost completely) in the flux of ‘partially healed’ injuries. The residues that scribe pain may then naturally start up again as soon as those nerve cells are reactivated; and indeed utilise necessary, increased amounts of dopamine during subsequent repair and recovery process. The latter aspect, explaining the apparent one step back two steps forward progress I am experiencing.

Looking at the overall symptoms, the prolonged muscle tension, the undetectable nature in the early stages of the disease, and now, this apparent return to some unfinished business in healing, I am beginning to think that the initial missing link or thwarted synapse is two fold (in reporting via contact and in firing up the next synapse) and in Parkinson’s, the Returning signal’s inability to function properly in their normal circuitry (to the point where the circuit then no longer functions) is the primary problem. And it is only when these synapse mechanisms, take the easier route and starts to utilise the Go circuitry, that the tell tale symptoms for the diagnosis of the disease really start to show.

Based on the little I learned in school boy Biology upon the cyclic aspect observed within an amoeba, to the aspect in ‘a collective body in movement’ seen in a flock of starlings or shoals of fish, and my understanding through direct experience and the relative order of areas as they heal, I am inclined to believe that the missing biochemical link, is in my case, related to the tail rather than the start of the cycles in synapse. Plus the aspect in Destructive Pulse Syndrome from partially healed or scar tissues of physical injury, also plays its part in this neurological disorder. https://sites.google.com/site/beauxreflets/dps 

This theory in simplistic analysis and point of view, appears to fit in with all that I have experienced through my condition in Parkinson’s Disease, from the first signs of nerve cell incapacity to the apparent recovery process after using BocowoA.

I have been ‘blown away’ by the effects of BocowoA. From the first flush of better health returning, with the weaker side improving to balance things up, and the increases in the senses all round (within the first 48 hours). The tickling sensations of the face and mouth (associated to the surges up the spine in the 1980’s that caused the mouth and head to buzz as if I was having a fit). The huge increase in lung capacity, the increased sense in feelings to the inner surface of the cranium and scalp, the spark ups and crawlers in the back and limbs, plus the feeling returning to numb areas in the arm; With the ongoing pattern of things, now all pointing towards, being in the process of healing.

The list of gains keep coming, one after another (as I now fully realise the enormity of previous losses); While the only biological loss since starting the experiment, is a 'milk tooth' that (after over 50 years in service) loosened when biting on a piece of bread.

Having had times (recently) when there are no tremors whatsoever, and with the intense sense that the Parkinson’s has lifted, I am beginning to get very excited.

Although, some tremor has (temporarily it seems) returned in the apparent recent re-routing, I can now physically locate the various very small pockets in ‘previous physical injury’ that remain; which in turn tells me that; While I may have to screech round a few more hairpin bends, the home straight may well and truly be, just around the next corner.


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