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Thursday, May 23, 2013

No Blue Print

Having come across Natural fresh plants and ingredients, that when combined together, brought almost instantaneous relief and vast improvements; Over and above the ‘topsy turvey’ comfort, and inability in regulating prescribed Levodopa to suit daily needs (providing the unbearable unpredictable seesaw of reasonable and very bad days). With an ample supply to hand, it seemed a natural step forward to try and make good use of such a discovery.

With no blue print (as with any new adventure, there is no map or model to follow) I set about designing one on the hoof. It may not work, but at least by making notes and jotting things down, it may provide an insight to assist others, as other treatments come into being; For like it or not, I do not think there will ever be an instantaneous Cure, but cures that will have to be purposely designed for each individual and the treatment being utilised.

In essence, I am trying a new approach to the treatment of my Parkinson’s disease by combining the conventional medicine with dietary changes, using additional herbs and oils, in an effort to coax and retrain the body, back into normal health and action. Accordingly, the synthetic drugs are specifically being kept on the lowest level, to try and encourage the body to bridge the shortfalls in natural Dopamine, and to help monitor and pinpoint any physical improvement and progress.

Monitoring things throughout the day, I hope to be able to learn and move forward from each aspect and pattern in observation; While in the main, I will be going upon gut feelings, intuition, and of course any sign of improvements, like the ones that kicked this journey into being.

To date while things have generally appeared onward and upward, there have been some (and no doubt there will be more) very hard periods to ride through.

 Like a long bout of chronic pain in the groin area running down into the inner thighs for hours on end. That was something I had not felt since being kicked in the very same area by a pony as a child, and later receiving a blow in that region, from the crossbar on my bike (when pumping up a hill, up off the saddle, when the gears slipped). Strangely the pain was just as if I had been hit there once again; That fresh Ouch!, rather than the duller pains I have come to associate with my form in Parkinson’s.

Thinking about the tingling the other day in my forearm, I am now wondering whether the tension felt at times in the inner scalp, are akin to the very same tensions felt there as a child, when I carefully tried to use a solvent to get a thick bright green paint (used on metal) out of my hair, that resulted in the removal of the paint and a very heavy nose bleed!

While not in chronological order; The recent chronic pain in the right thigh muscle, appeared reminiscent to the dead legging received in the school playground. Now, I know it’s a crazy thought, but could this just be, all part of some process in a reversal of the one step forward two steps back?

What I am trying to say is. Could Bocowo in the diet be healing nerve cells in a specific manner; As to awaken them into sending new encrypted synapse response signals, back to the brain with a message calling for further healing processes? While before, the previous trapped and or un-encrypted synapse, will have been telling the brain that healing was no longer required. If you like, restarting a previously stalled healing mechanism and process, by re-igniting previously inert clusters of nerve cells, that had remained dormant, or reporting a distortion in falsely coded synapse; due to the earlier local genetic biochemistry differences, or the physical form in individual nerve cell damage.

Could Parkinson’s and Motor Neurone disease be the result of; An accumulation of a number of these inert nerve cell clusters in tiny partially healed areas, and accordingly diagnosed, given their specific attributes too and upon the location of these inert clusters within the body? An aspect I was trying to touch upon when writing the article Destructive Pulse Syndrome. https://sites.google.com/site/beauxreflets/dps

Of course if this theory of the damage to nerve cells around the body, eventually diminishing the production of Dopamine in the brain (as the requirement levels are apparently distorted and continuing to fall) then my idea and attempt in nurturing a reverse process, reactivating the good synapse using herbs, may be beginning to stand on some solid ground. Even towards, perhaps opening up new ways of looking at such aspects in nerve disorders without having to burrow into the brain.

For example, by comparing cells in an inert cluster of nerve cells in a right biceps muscle to an active cluster in a left biceps muscle, it may highlight the absence of a particular amino acid; And by administering that missing element locally into the effected area, may then reactivate a corrected synapse, so that the brain cells are informed once again that their function to produce more Dopamine is required.

It will be interesting to find out whether such Medical Research has been undertaken and what the results are.

In the meantime, with the to be expected smiles, and advice to keep on taking the prescribed drugs response, from Neurologists (when I first talked about investigating various food stuffs for my condition) I will continue upon the journey mapping and recording as I proceed. Knowing that perhaps many old injuries will seemingly be revisited more than once as the process continues, as all the minute jigsaw pieces in biochemistry are re-correlated and rearranged.

Hopefully as time goes on, the jerky involuntary movements and painful areas will diminish in size to subside as the various areas of nerve tissues are revamped and healed.


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