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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bocowo (Boldly Going part 2)

Bocowo is the name I have given to the Herbal Remedy mix I started ten days ago; and I am getting a very pleasing result!

My movement and sensitivity seem markedly improved and I am again typing with two hands. Co-ordination has definitely improved although I can feel how unused the right hand had become (considering the muscle ache in the fingers while in action). The taste and smell aspect have improved and it feels really good to be ‘speedy’ and youthful, rather than sluggish and worn out!

It has to be said, that my mental alertness and will upon getting up in the morning has definitely improved, as I am able to move instantly and far more freely.

In addition, the reflex action in response to a falling item was far quicker and accurate (actually catching things with my Right-hand yesterday). High kicking my body up and over the pony fence (while carrying things) and bending down to pick an object up off the floor, also felt much easier!

During my weekly ‘massage de kinésithérapie’ that concentrates upon bodily injuries (although perhaps naturally willing it) I definitely felt that there was a real change occurring; It felt like small areas of muscle tissues were being awoken in the areas being worked on, along with those in adjacent and opposing areas of muscles stimulated by said areas. This ‘awakening’ feeling in different locations is not a new sensation, as it was felt when I first started the Bocowo program and occurs from time to time during and after exercise. Like sparks in pins and needles in reverse.

For so long now, this dark storm in Parkinson’s has been dragging me down. Yet deep down, I am suddenly feeling a real sense of hope. Do you know, that feeling when things seem right? When aspects in life suddenly fall into place! Well, I have a sneaky suspicion, that I am finally riding this beast out of its living hell and looking forward for the next hurdle I have to jump.

Up date 16th May. My health seems to continue on an upward path, and as I fill in my daily record, and look back, it occurs to me that I may have hit a real Eureka moment.

Normally when I have accidentally missed a dose (as others on prescribed Levodopa may have experienced) sooner or later I hit that brickwall, and have to struggle on, until I have caught up and got back on track.

This said, having cut the prescribed Levodopa by 125 mg  and having not indulged in Bocowo for over 32 hours there has been no such brickwall, no drag back or slump, just more gentle improvement!

This tells me one thing; I am now enabled to produce increased levels of my own Dopamine.

Finally there may be light at the end of the tunnel to spur me on.


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