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Friday, May 10, 2013

Boldly Going

Parkinson’s Disease is a real nightmare when it comes home to roost. OK. So it is not a direct killer, and can be treated with a variety of drugs that make the deterioration, life a little easier to cope with, but, it is a progressive disorder and the forecast is rather bleak to say the least.

Following the diagnosis and subsequent progression in disabilities, and of course the exclamation "Why me" when the news of such a cold reality really hit home. There has been the one thought (that there has to be a cure to be found in Nature) constantly ringing in my mind; the search is on!

Obviously, the Holy Grail (so to speak) would be to identify a natural occurring medicine, that has its own inbuilt genetic formula and mechanism, with the ability to rebuild and potentially grow new cells (that can then be transferred into the human body to treat the effected areas). Perhaps compared to looking for a needle in a haystack, finding such a remedy in the plant world will no doubt take some doing; but with a concentrated effort and perhaps a stroke of luck, I think I may have just stumbled upon a potential candidate.

This particular plant (that will remain unnamed for the moment) has some very intriguing properties. So much so, that if the researched data proves to be correct, I have to consider the possibilities that this plant may have real potential towards combating and reversing Parkinson’s; to the point of repairing damaged nerve tissues, and more importantly perhaps, evoking changes within the human cells to secure a permanent adjustment, similar to that which is hoped to be achieved via current Stem Cell Research.

Reaching a point in my research where data stops, there seems to be only one way to find out more about this plant; and that is to try it for myself.

Introducing this plant into my diet, to cash in upon any benefits it may bring, is of course something that raises a few questions.

While the plant is not generally considered as a toxin, will there be some undesired consequences, a bad reaction with the medicines or substances I currently take? I am heading into unchartered waters! A small nibble tasted OK; so I guess the answer is, the same as for any new food stuff, proceed with Caution.

Beyond this first step; How does one decide upon things like, the optimum dosage to take? Or indeed, determine whether or not the treatment is actually working?

And if the treatment is having a good effect. How long will it take to determine and measure any completeness in findings towards announcing such as a recommended treatment or Cure? After all, my "Idiopathic Secondary Parkinson’s condition" has crept slowly and relentlessly in over a number of years.

Well, with this first trial underway, and a few days into the treatment, it is easy to say that I am feeling rather optimistic. That said, the current pleasant ‘feel good’ factor may simply be one inherent with having a bash with renewed hope, the dream of combat armed with a new weapon.

While I feel there is a marked change in my general condition, with an apparent smoother mobility and an improved skin tone, I hope any definite improvement will be more noticeable as time goes on, and perhaps then on display, to be confirmed by a second opinion.

The real improvement sign I am looking out for, is an evening up in the one sided aspect of Parkinson’s Disease. I am hoping that there is going to be a good measure in physical healing, such that my right-hand side improves, and becomes more in balance with the (lesser affected) left-hand side of my body. Perhaps in particular, finding that the Restless Leg symptom and cramp have been conquered and vanished; For only then, will I believe that things are going in the right direction.

Finally, there is also another aspect requiring very careful observance and scrutiny, as I am still taking the prescribed forms in medication. Namely, as I expect, there may well be a hard kick back, if and when my body starts to improve with this additional new treatment, by actively producing its own natural dopamine.

I suspect, that when this happens, the body may naturally want to expel the substitute man made drugs; and there is likely to be an increase in the Dyskinesia symptom (as to be expected with a situation in overdose), or at the very least, similar discomfort as endured when I first started that medication.

Akin with this, I am mindful of the real loss in muscle tone I have experienced, and on skinny pins, realise the size of the mountain I now hope to climb. In essence, I am nervously treading new ground.

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