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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bocowo - In The Cold Light of Day

When the apparent initial whack in "the feel good factor" that inspired this Bocowo trial into being seems to wane a little, I find myself asking typical questions like; Is this all part of the effects Parkinson’s has on patients in form of compulsive behaviour?

Am I imagining that I can find something that others, more knowledgeable and qualified, working in this area of neurology have missed?

Am I responding to my condition by trying to convince myself things can get better, acting out of desperation to the over riding feelings of hopelessness akin to the affliction in progressive illnesses like Parkinson’s? Being typically stubborn, full of British Bull Dog spirit; that may end up becoming, a load of foolish Bull shit, or turn out to be one almighty victory.

Worst of all, could Bocowo be silently and actively working against any built in bodily protection, by opening up the nerve ways in a quiet before the storm, that will then allow the Parkinson’s Disease to advance with greater speed and devastation?

The truthful answer is simply; I just don’t know!

What I can say is, that the ingredients have been selected because of the reported and apparent properties they seem to hold. As a combination of Naturally occurring food stuffs, Bocowo is therefore targeted; Designed to maximise and encourage an increase in the production of Natural Dopamine within the body, in a determined effort to reduce and or knock on the head, the reliance upon synthetic drugs.

As the trial proceeds, the daily record will possibly provide some enlightenment, along side perhaps a few no no’s, but the Natural aspect (hopefully moving away from synthetic medicine) somehow feels a bit more user friendly.

If nothing else, I feel it will underline the importance of targeted ‘massage de kinésithérapie’ and dietary healing from day One, more especially for spinal injuries and chemical poisoning, so that young bodies are not remaining damaged or holding onto poor health aspects, that then accumulate to aspire into such awful situations.

For while it may be just my opinion, the rise in these types of progressive disorders may well be a reflection of the past quick fix attitude. When additional expense in treating the knocks and bruises in the very young would have been a good investment, against the increased and multiplied costs incurred, caring for the ailments that transpire in later life.

As the diagnosis, for such progressive disorders like MS and Parkinson’s seem to be increasingly occurring in younger generations, perhaps the call for the need for change is getting louder, but sadly perhaps, harder to achieve, in the economic climate of Austerity and apparent need for cuts in Health Care; Although, even the young can be educated in some of the arts of healing, and the necessity for diet changes suited to their ever changing health and well being.

Having digressed, given the apparent effects, there are of course other thoughts regarding Bocowo that have to be considered. For while not directly containing Levodopa or Dopamine, has Bocowo inadvertently identified one of the missing pieces in the overall jigsaw? And or is it, simply, just making the prescribed medications more effective for the moment?


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