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Monday, May 20, 2013

Bocowo - Determining What Is Going On

Two weeks into the trial.

Well, it appears to be still working, but with some doubts that made me stop and think; until I remember how all the newly awoken areas, are perhaps now utilising any increase in Natural Dopamine levels, and it will all take time for any developments to really show and determine any real long term progress. Most importantly, my body feels as one and not as two unbalanced halves. Getting up in the morning still remains like a fresh breeze, so I feel I have turned a page.

I am having to tell myself to slow down, as a bit of patience is called for; plus a whole lot of occupational therapy to adjust too and with the changes that appear to be occurring. The hardest thing being, in identify, whether these felt changes are physical improvements or just, on apart of my wishful thinking.

Like being tired most of yesterday. After waking up in the morning rubbing my right elbow to relieve a modicum of pain in the radial nerve, I felt rather uncomfortable all day until around 6.30pm; When I then got up from a light ‘late afternoon nap’ and took the dog for walk, to once again feel back on top of the world again.

During the walk, rather strangely, my right forearm suddenly felt itchy and tingly inside; In a dulled area left over from previous surgery (where some years ago, an incident with a fully extended ladder, caused me injury and a subsequent operation to release the trapped radial nerve). What is going on?

In a numb area below where the incision was made, there had been physical tingling sensations followed by some twitching in the wrist. The operation on the arm was in 2004, way before Mum died (perhaps early with a form of Motor Neuron Disease), and over seven years after I gingerly wrapped a rope over my left arm to help lower her into the ground. These tingling sensations are like those felt when an area is healing. Does the span in time before more healing, indicate or suggest that the change could be down to Bocowo in the diet?

As for choosing to be a human guinea pig; I have a philosophy that Life on Earth is balanced. If something has naturally switched aspects in the nerve cells off, then there will be something to naturally switch them back on again. Comparing the risk beside those others take on the various front lines; While working blind so to speak, I feel I know the enemy within as my body responds, and although perhaps still a shot in the dark, with due care and attention it may well be worth the risk.

Perhaps I have always been a bit of a wild card, but I am pacing myself and keeping a daily record, with a little Bocowo every now and again as more areas hopefully knit back together. And given that the fresh herb in the mix is available all year round, I am in no rush.


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