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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bocowo - The Big Question

If you define Parkinson’s as an illness, where something or a combination of things have switched off an aspect in the nerve cells, whereby, the renewing replacement nerve cells then replicate that ‘switched off mode,’ generating a spiral or progression in further nerve cells and their functions closing down. It stands to reason, that if, those nerve cells can be switched back on again, they will hopefully be replicated in the ‘switched on mode,’ generating a progressive awakening and eventual cure; provided there is no permanent physical damage in the said tissues, like severed nerves or a genetic aspect, that may prohibit the switching on process, and or the subsequent healing taking place.

So at best, Bocowo may be an eventual cure or just act by stalling the progression of ills. At worst, it may be providing a good ‘false illusion of well being,’ masking the inevitable, in the reliance, and ongoing need for prescribed medicines due to the permanent physical damages in my nervous system. Of course, if Bocowo just turns out to be one of Nature’s jokes, that will be fine by me as well, since laughter is meant to be the best medicine and life should be full of happiness. And if the latter turns out to be the true reality I most humbly apologise to all whose hopes may have been raised through my endeavor and good intentions.

This said, the benefits I am experiencing are beyond doubt; an increase in the senses of, smell, taste and touch, an increase in appetite for fresh foods and water, improved sleep and so much more energy during the day, plus an overwhelming mental sense, in happily feeling, things can only get better.

In truth, it is the first time in over seven years, that I have predominately felt like dancing. Getting up in the mornings is now a joy, and I am looking forward to what each new day may bring.

The testing of Bocowo goes on and I will continue to monitor and record daily findings.

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