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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

So Sad

So sad to see the struggle in Somerset

In my opinion there was no excuse not to dredge the upper tidal reaches of Parrett and Tone. When we lived there, there was a promise made verbally in a meeting with EA (held at the Pigeons pub before it closed) that they would monitor the situation having decided upon a silt aggitation process rather than removal, and to dredge if the aggitation process was not performing sufficiently too protect the homes in that region.. The failure seems pretty obvious to me. Yes the EA do a wonderful job over all, but within that some failure has occurred.

The policy towards holding water in catchment areas slowing the flow on high ground before it reaches populated areas seems sensible, but holding it for too long in the Lowlands is pretty foolish to my mind, as it then only increases the risks upon the populated areas because there is to much water surrounding them! (While I'm not the brightest spark, that aspect upon water levels is seen by children every summer building sand castles on a sandy beach as the tide comes in!)

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