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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Levels

England has changed dramatically since the days of "Little Holland" and today's way of life perhaps calls for a reinvention and expansion of that region.

The Levels have sadly settled over the years while the sea is gently rising due to climate change, and with flood waters effecting many more communities in Somerset, dredging deeper may not solve the problems.

Along side this, many other areas are affected by the rivers flowing into the Severn Estuary, so perhaps the responsibility falls upon better management on a larger scale, and the fore sight to expand usable land mass in a sensible and sustainable way; rather than continuing in the obviously failing, age old knee jerk reactions, that continue to absorb finances and drain the economy in the western regions.

With the rising population, housing problems and tax hikes within a bound up economy; It appears ludicrous to think about a multitude of isolated quick fix experimental localised flood protection schemes, that offer little by way of any guarantee in success or profitable long term return upon such investment; before being ruined by surrounding urban developments or the wants to invest in faster modes of transport between the major cities.

Surely, it makes more fiscal, and economic sense, to install a purpose built Energy Barrier across the Severn Estuary, with the ability to manage passage and the Natural Environment on a daily basis relative to the whole scale in situation.

Effectively, creating economic growth and development with a larger, manageable flood protection scheme, that has the ability to protect a vast area, while being sustainable through contributing Energy into the National grid for a foreseeable future.


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