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Friday, February 21, 2014

"De-silting as they go"

Looking at the misery, financial losses and impact floods have upon community and the Environment, "de-silt as they go craft" may not be such a crazy idea.

Like the ColdStream’r craft, vessels can be design for purpose, tailored for their river environment, with the clear advantage of being able to work in areas where dredging bucket equipment cannot reach or go. With, a low above water profile and long reach, offering greater mobility and flexibility on route, such vessels will enable the management and control of sediment, directing it into deposit collection areas or sweeping it out to sea on prevailing currents.

I well imagine the lookout points of Burrow Mump, Burrow Hill and Glastonbury Tor, served well to direct work teams to various sections of water to managed individual defenses on a regular daily basis, in the times before dredging machines heralded in a more lazy approach to river management.

With modern technology (powered by renewable wind and solar Energy) the Levels can once again be managed economically on such a daily basis; with sedimentation kept on the move and not allowed to build up in unwanted places.

This more gentle daily management will minimise effects upon Wildlife, improving the quality of water in stagnated areas, ensuring minimal damage from foreign objects and pollutants, while above all, ensuring that there is the capacity within the overall system to handle periods of adverse rainfall.


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