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Sunday, February 16, 2014

ColdStream'r "de-silt as they go"

Coldstream’r Project

With the view that Flood Prevention is a matter upon striking the right balance in the management of Catchment water under prevailing and forecasted conditions.

The ColdSream’r Project is to create a fully automated, Proactive, Environment friendly, high-tech solution towards Flood Prevention. Utilising new technology, and the ability provided by a fleet of Coldstream'r drone watercraft, being developed to patrol, maintain, and manage waterway networks, with new Energy efficient (mechanical) techniques and monitoring, to advance and arrest situations at localised and regional levels.

Proactive by nature, once in place, the ColdStream’r system working 24/7 (all year round) will be able to identify any localised areas at high risk within its overall assessment. Enabling focused vessel deployment, for on the spot preventative de-silting works and other corrective measures to be undertaken instantaneously, prior to and in answer to forecasts in periods of inclement extremes.

The prime aim being; To provide the most accurate, least invasive, cost effective, management and maintainence possible. A system run on Renewable Energy that works with Nature to the benefit of Community, Business and Environment.

Further more, given the level in detail of correlated information that would become available; It will enable some evaluation of the possible consequences regarding proposals on new Inland Development Schemes, highlighting where there may be need for a levy or rebate within the granting of Planning Permission.

In theory, such a system would not only protect existing land mass, but could effectively assist in creating new areas of usable land, to address the aspect of the areas along the shoreline being lost to the sea.

Artist impression showing a ColdStream'r Flood Prevention vessel working 24/7 even on busy rivers.
ColdStream'r vessels could also assist in Lake management, or as a valuable tool for hands on search and rescue situations, with divers swimming and working along side.

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