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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New Exercises - Trying to get to the bottom of PD

At a quick glance, statistically, it appears that nearly twice as many men develop Parkinson's Disease than women; And indeed, more women in the Western World develop Parkinson's Disease than women living in other areas around the World.

Could it be, in reflection, that the generally more supple female pelvis, altering shape through childbearing and giving birth, accounts for these statistics; Bearing in mind the information in global birthrates, and that some pregnancies may cause physical injury within the pelvic region (pointing toward skeletal structure, rather than hormonal difference).

To my mind, this would indicate, that there is an unmeasured correlation surrounding the Sacral region (possibly the Sacroiliac joints?) and a proneness towards Parkinson's Disease. And while reflecting upon the rising numbers in 'early onset,' perhaps a situation that could be described as, the premature stiffening or cementing of the Ilium, Sacrum and Coccyx, due to lifestyle and or injury.

After all, this muscle bound region looks quite complicated, with the Coccygeus, Iliococcygeus, Piriformis, Iliacus, Obturator, Iliopsoas muscles and the Sacrospinous and Sacrotuberous ligaments, all quietly working together. All quietly inter and counteracting each other in movement and steady posture. And any damage or defect in one, may effectively alter the ability and balance of all the rest.

How well I recall; Being struck in the groin by a pony's steeled kick, the concrete section of wall smashing over my raised butt end to protect my head, and the crashing blow to my Coccyx hitting down upon the bicycle crossbar when the chain came away from the driving cog! Memories of excruciating pain, numbness and tears (without any subsequent Physiotherapy beyond a Paracetamol or two)!

The staring reality perhaps being the total lack of any physiotherapy to address such physical trauma in injury.

Of course, as Parkinson's Disease is primarily considered to be a neurological condition, that develops over time, I also have to look back and beyond, towards researching the long term after effects of any other, previous complications upon the nervous system, that coincide in providing that elusive root cause for the disease to develop.

With an enormous network of interconnecting nerves in the Pelvic region, the Lumbrosacral trunk and Sciatic, Sacral plexus, Coccygeal plexus and Coccygeal, the Posterior cutaneous and Posterior femoral cutaneous nerves, to name but a few; Plus all the nerves serving and being served by the various organs and the large intestine, I am truly looking at an 'electricians nightmare!' A mass of complex connective tissue routes, that my simple mind cannot even begin to get a grip upon the how's and where's of, and or any understanding upon the flows and returns. Unless of course something like a gut feeling assists towards further thoughts.

Which of course occurs, with additions to diet, medications, and with the closer analysis of the effects from targeted Masseur Kinésithérapeute hands and exercises, to loosen up certain areas; Along with a better understanding of past bodily malfunctions that provided far more than just a gut feeling!

Namely, where damage to the pelvis and lower back, compression of the spine, and the suppressing of the large intestine's natural rhythms through ills or whim, prevent certain nerve impulses being able to traverse properly along their normal routes, identified by unexplainable sensations within.

In efforts to find out more through online research, the only conclusion I can fathom is that: The separate Parasympathetic fibres, (with the bi product in digestion processes along the transverse section of the large intestine between the Hepatic flexure and Splenic flexure?) appear to become incorrectly connected; Allowing nerve impulses from the kidneys (and possibly the bladder, and lower colon region) to travel to the brain via the Vagus Cranial Nerve X, (rather than connecting normally to the Central nerve lower down, through the Sacral area via the Sympathetic fibres).

An aspect in poor health reported to General Practitioners in 1982 and 1997 as a consequence in sensations during peaks of effectively highly stressful situations. Which is not to say that, such in misdirected nerve transmissions, have not been going on undetected, almost continuously (like a drip feed) for a considerable length in time.

Or indeed, that the recent adaptations to lifestyle, along with the hopefully corrective Physiotherapy, and my new exercise routines, will be sufficient enough to turn things around for good.

The new exercise routines are in effect ones of meditative postures in relaxation, that I feel are very beneficial.

The first being what may be better described as “Camp fire squats.”

Where I literally adopt a posture in squatting in front of an imaginary camp fire. With my feet set directly below my shoulders, arms folded with elbows resting on knees, and my bottom resting gently in mid air supported by the backs of the thighs resting upon the calves. Relaxing in this posture for a few (2 to 5) minutes while taking in gentle deep breathing exercises. Maintaining the squatted pose, I then open the knees (still with folded arms) so that the elbows drop in between them to restfully, gently dangle in mid air; and once again I relax for a few more minutes, while gently deep breathing, as the Sacroiliac joints flex, and all the muscles of the body rest and reset their Relax Datum.

The second relaxation exercise, I term as “Back to Babe” and it is best done with adequate cushioning, upon a relatively firm mattress or thick exercise mat, as it is most important to not damage or bruise the spine.

The basic idea is, that whilst lying upon your back, the knees are drawn up comfortably towards the chin and supported in that position (using your arms or better still with cushions at your feet) so that the legs are allowed and encouraged to become totally relaxed in a 'in the womb' like pose. Now, with long gentle and deep breathing exercise the diaphragm is exercised to its full extensions and all the other natural rhythms hopefully fall into place and pace with restful rejuvenation.

Please note, The above are brief discriptions and Exercise Cards are currently being written up for further publication - As these exercises require an ability in maintaining a good sense of balance, and may effect your blood pressure, please take extra care; And if necessary use a support or a friend to assist you, especially as you gently return to standing up.

Warning: If you suffer from any specific health problems, injury, post operative problems, or have mobility problems, joint replacements, and or conditions such as Parkinson's Disease; Please consult your Doctor and or ask for assistance from a trained and suitably qualified Physiotherapist before undertaking any of these exercises..

Only to add that the constituents of my home made Herbal remedy BocowoA, are periodically back on the salad menu, and the battle against Parkinson's Disease continues.

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