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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Rub It Better

 Physiotherapy Specific To Parkinson's Disease

I write from first hand experience and my understanding according to my personal situation, following an almost sleepless night; Due to the onslaught of extensive muscle cramping and clamp down within the Back, with additional spasms, involuntary pulsations and painful discomfort extending into the limbs (now including my left-hand side) which in-turn has affected my posture, gait and general mobility.

Since trying to find a new Masseur Kinésithérapeute (following the retirement of the therapeutic experienced and expert hands that have looked after me over the last nine years) has initially turned out to be a very painful ordeal; and being the second time round that I have had 'bad experience at new hands' it really makes me wonder upon the levels in shared knowledge and understanding within this field in relation to Parkinson's Disease.

There has to be a simple reason as to why some Clinics have failed to work wonders, while others have not only alleviated my specific problems but also extended muscular vitality and general mobility; even to the point where a recommendation towards surgery and the need to wear a Back support on a daily basis has in the past been overcome.

In short, being set a series of exercises without any initial hands on examination and assessment into the physical condition of the individual back muscles, has not only exasperated but extended the problems associated with the muscle tissues prone to and already under unprecedented tension with the inherent cramping that is noticeably specific to my condition in Parkinson's Disease, and the physical permanent injury to the spine; that in combination, act upon the Sciatic nerves, subsequent posture, causing pains in the lower-back, across the upper pelvis and into the right hip, etc.

By way in analogy; A football player, having to take all the penalty shots with an injured ankle will suffer progressing agony; no doubt extending the size of his injury (while increasing the time necessary to attain any measure in healing comfort) the more shots he takes in that effort to win the grand final game; The affected areas increase as the measure of discomfort grows.

With Parkinson's Disease the fact of the matter is that some of the muscles are and or will become physically damaged; There is Injury! Injury that needs and requires full attention in therapeutic treatment first, before any kick-off!

Each and every muscle requires a good measure in equability and sufficient muscle tone to enable a smooth comfortable and balanced functioning that combine in providing good health and mobility.

The old saying “Rub it better” rings very true; For gentle massage appears to be the only thing that really revitalises and improves the circulation within the muscle tissues towards achieving optimum muscle tone prior to any useful exercise.

In my experience the action of massage is like a gentle warm up session; while applied heat treatments and or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) most certainly do not dislodge or shift any unwanted matter that has built up as a result of the contraction and tensions. In fact, to my knowledge, there are no short cuts that work.

With Parkinson's Disease, it is very much a hands on aspect before you start any stretching and or exercise; And if you cannot massage an area yourself to attain a good or balanced muscle tone then be kind to yourself and insist that the individual points of imbalance are addressed first, before you take the dog for its walk or stand at the sink to wash the dishes

I am just so upset. Having gone from being supple enough to climb ladders and carry out easy tasks ; To shuffling around lie a duck with painful immobility in a matter of a few hours!!

That upset to say that, some of the physiotherapsts I have seen need to retrain!

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