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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

At What Cost

The Environment, Motor Neurological Condition DPS and Treatments.

For more information on Destructive Pulse Syndrome

It is interesting to note all the different chemical compounds being marked as potential causes for Neurological based disorders, when I have periodically worked with solvents, probably breathed in, and possible eaten toxin traces and elements on vegetables brought in the market! Who knows? While toxins and other environmental elements enter the body, the body is pretty good at cleaning itself during the course of time, provided we drink enough.

So, if the kick-starting toxins are removed and no longer in the patient's local environment, why do PD and MND continue to advance their grip on the body? Remembering those affected live in differing environments, both town and countryside all around the world?

In fact, we are probably more health and safety, green conscious today, than in the sixties; yet there is a rising trend, with more people effected by these conditions, and at a younger age too! Why?

Well, ponder this; We spend more time on our rears looking at TV or the PC, holding a poised position squeezing the moisture and bulk out of the discs in the spinal column; and then expect it to cope with pinpointed pressure, when we lazily yet hurriedly bend to lift our litter as the breeze blows it towards a puddle.

Through modern living, every day most of us stress our bodies; but when do we really stretch our spine, giving the discs the encouragement and physical space to re-hydrate and expand into, rather than expecting the daily water intake to be magically pumped back into the discs, ready for the next days hammering.

Yes, the research towards stopping the use of toxic substances is well worth every penny. However, whatever the kick-start is for each individual case, a change in lifestyle, with an increasing concentrated effort to decompress all those stresses away, may actually win the day and reverse the rising trend.

Advocating physiotherapy with prescribed exercises, that can then be undertaken by the patient at home, with the necessary check ups to ensure the treatment is successful, given the benefits I have felt, would appear to be the first step towards alleviating and perhaps in some cases curing such conditions.

In the short term, the increased costs in Physiotherapy, for treating both, injury including those without broken bone, and post surgery treatment of young and elderly alike, bearing in mind that some symptoms may appear a year or two later; May well out way, the substantial and rising costs of more expensive Neurological intervention, with on going nursing costs, and the palliative care required when a patient's condition spirals to immobility.

For more information on Destructive Pulse Syndrome


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