A little in beaux reflets

Streams of light dance in every direction, refracting and reflecting, to illuminate a colourful living planet.

Providing moments to be captured and recorded through the art of photography.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

In the Wind

Gentle breeze sways the flame,
Fans a glowing flicker.
Rise and fall,
Twist to burn,
Molten flow, hot spitter.
Static tears set in wait,
Advancing, creeping, cindered.
Feeds the eye a little hope,
Naked knows,
Swelling light, swift to warm,
Lacy plumes,
Breakout prances.
Dreamy sense restoring play,
Shadows making distant dances.
Purpled hue,
Silver fume,
Hints of red in golden haze,
Greens peacock blues embrace,
The spirit in the rays.

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