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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's in a name

Quick off the mark - Go Giggle

Successful branding is an Art in its own right, requiring originality and creativity that captures the eye of the audience while communicating a global story defining what a product or organisation delivers.

Knowing the market you are targeting and foresight of where the populace’s spirit or mood is heading helps to determine the life of any graphic design or product, as successful branding for the long term, has to reach out into the abyss of the future beyond the realms of the shorter cycles of revolving fashion.

Having previously been a victim of intellectual property theft, for many years a Cadbury's Fuse chocolate bar wrapper was pinned to my office board as a reminder of the importance in Copyright; In the eighties I had penned both name and by-line "a fusion of.....", along with the outline of font and description to colour. (Only to be told by someone involved in the market development and research project, I took part in, that they were going to openly steal my work, falsely claiming the origination based upon the knowledge that I had no means in the time span available to register the proof of the copy).

The faithful rendering of the original wrapper concept with light dancing around the lettering, echoed the good time feelings of the then emerging disco age, and by the time the sweet bar hit the streets in the nineties, the subconscious association within the imagery helped to sell 40 million bars in the first week.

Looking back, while a snip of honesty may have changed the immediate route in my subsequent career with rightful payment and kudos bringing in more similar work; I am very proud and pleased the bar was such a success. And of course now, with the advent of the Internet and computers, thankfully artwork and intellectual property is automatically electronically dated, affording independent verification to its origin and conception, while I continue coming up with new product and brand ideas.

With ever increasing competitive marketplaces, branding for "the mood of the day" heralds the need for almost daily changes to media products, and certainly logos and names that can stand the test of time. In fact, some products like luxury or confectionary goods, may require some "up dating artwork", dependant upon the life span the originator/artist designed within the original branding conception, so as to maintain or revitalise the product's place in the market.

Just as, the branding life cycle for Go Giggle will ultimately depend upon the product type it eventually ends up being. And it goes without saying, that there is the usual ability for the inherent artwork updates to ensure that the product remains constantly at the cutting edge.

For further information on Go Giggle or other branding requirements please visit http://sites.google.com/site/beauxreflets/contact or email andy.beauxreflets@aliceadsl.fr